17_Maestro di san Lucchese – Coronation of Mary with Saints and Angels18_Lorenzo Monaco – Flight into Egypt19_Paolo di Giovanni fei – Nativity Scene with Adoration of the Shepherds Adoration of the Magi20_Pinturicchio – Madonna with Child and a Cardinal as a Benefactor21_Lorenzo costa the elder – Crucifixion of Christ with a Benefactor22_Guido da Siena – Flight into Egypt Scourging of Christ23_Sano di Pietro – Mary´s Homecoming from the Temple24_Neri di Bicci – Birth of Christ25_Agnolo Gaddo (workshop) – Last supper26_Umbrian school – Madonna with Child and Infant John in front of temple Ruins27_Paduan School – Holy Family with a Benefactor28_Francesco neri da Volterra – Decaption of a Saint29_Pietro Perugino – Blessed Francis of Siena30_Pietro Perugino – St Margaret of Antioch31_Lippo Memmi – John the Baptist32_Piermatteo d´amelia – St Mary Magdalene33_Piermatteo d´amelia – John the Baptist34_Sano di Pietro – Madonna with Child and Angels35_Sandro Botticelli (workshop) – Madonna with Child and Angels36_Sandro Botticelli – Portrait of a Woman37_Niccoló Giolfino – Two scenes from Roman history38_Marco Zoppo – Madonna with child39_Imitator of Lambert Lombard – Adoration of the Shepherds40_Luca Signorelli – 5 predella panels Christ on the Mount of Olives41_Luca Signorelli – 5 predella panels Christ on the Mount of Olives 242_Unknown Artist – Portrait bus Bernhard August von Lindenau1_Deodato – Madonna with child and angels 2_Umbrian Masters – Madonna and Child set in a Landscape 3_Lippo Memmi – Madonna Enthroned with Child 4_Antoniazzo Romano-Madonna and Child 5_Sano di pietro – The assumption of Mary 6_bernardo daddi – Winged altar (triptych) 7_angelo puccinelli – enthroned madonna with child, angels and saints; crucifixion 8_pietro Lorenzetti – christ as the Man of sorrows 9_Florentine School – Crucifixion of Christ 10_Matteo di pacino – christ as the Man of sorrows with Mary, John and Mary Magdalene 11_Guidoccio Cozzarelli – Lamentation of Christ 12_Sienese School – Christ on the Cross 13_Umbrian Masters – John the Baptist and St Jerome 14_Maestro Esiguo – St Jerome in Penitence 15_Florentine School – Procession and Adoration of the Magi 16_Bartolo di Fredi – Christ on the Cross Adored by Saints