Caesura 1945

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Karl Clauss Dietel (*1934), Lutz Rudolph (1936–2011)

Modell PKW, 1971/1972 / Model PKW, 1971/72

Karl Clauss Dietel and Lutz Rudolph designed the study for this small car in 1971/72 on behalf of the council of the Karl-Marx-Stadt district. The concept car did not go into production and can be seen here in the model. The small car is characterized by numerous modern details: large windows, fold-out front headlights, long wheelbase, and spacious interior. To make the most of this and to keep the traffic area small, the wheels of the car were placed in the corners. The similarities to the Renault Twingo produced twenty years later are obvious.


Bernhard Kretzschmar (1889–1972)

Selbstbildnis mit Masken, 1954 / Self Portrait with Masks, 1954

To stand by one’s own identity is a basic human conflict, which I could recognize in Bernhard Kretzschmar’s self-portrait. He depicts himself with detailed painted masks. On the one hand, they possibly symbolize his artistic work and creativity, on the other hand they form a metaphor for artificially staged versions of ourselves and are formed in a perfectionist way. At the same time, the artist’s upright posture seems self-confident and his facial expressions sceptical. It suggests that he was a critically thinking, opinionated person.

The view from outside: Angelina Kärcher, 17, Dr. Wilhelm André Academic High School, Chemnitz


Otto Müller-Eibenstock (1898–1986)

Erzgebirgische Häuser, um 1948 / Erz Mountains Houses, ca. 1948

I’m going back.

Back to a world I call home.

But something is different.


Something feels too familiar.

Too out of date.

I find myself falling into the role of an old me.

And yet, moving to another city was supposed to do just the opposite.

There I finally felt liberated from everything that prevented me from developing further in my homeland.

I reinvented myself.

Slowly a new, improved version of myself grew up.

At least I thought so.

When do I decide to replace old with new for good?

What’s stopping me?

The view from outside: Hannah, 19, volunteer FSJ Culture