3 October 2020, 18:00 Uhr | Gegenwarten | Presences

Artist Talk : Sarah Sigmund in conversation with Nadja Buttendorf

For the exhibition GEGENWARTEN | PRESENCES, Nadja Buttendorf has developed a three-part work that explores the history of Robotron, the Chemnitz branch, and today’s Chemnitz Plaza. At the core of this project are the perception of different generations from the time before and after the Fall of the Fall, as well as our ways of dealing with these histories.

Since mid-August 2020, a 30 meter long vinyl lettering was attached on the glass façade. It refers to the production center of the largest computer manufacturer in the German Democratic Republic, the VEB Robotron. Under the title #robotron003 Buttendorf also produced a music album with the musician Futuremaps030. Links to the associated music videos were printed on matchboxes which were distributed throughout the city.

With Sarah Sigmund, curator of the exhibition GEGENWARTEN | PRESENCES, Nadja Buttendorf talks about her working method and the development of her site-specific project in Chemnitz.

The event takes place at the Off Theater KOMPLEX, Zietenstraße 32.

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