5 February 2022, 16:00 Uhr | Stefan Vogel | Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz

Öffentliche Führung : Stefan Vogel

Stefan Vogel

In his first solo museum exhibition, artist Stefan Vogel, who lives and works in Leipzig, has taken possession of the west wing of Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz and completely restaged it. Visitors entering the existing gallery rooms find novel spatial landscapes and so encounter the formerly neutral museum space as an highly-charged ‘all-over setting’. Vogel’s spatial constructions are accompanied by neon artworks and pictures that are characterised as much by concrete poetry as by his interest in specific material aesthetics. At the crux of this exhibition are questions to do with remembrance culture and visual memory. The artist has also employed a variety of robust interventions consisting of building materials and everyday objects so as to simultaneously break with the expectations of ennoblement people have of such a museum space. This exhibition was created in close cooperation with Stefan Vogel and is part of an exhibition series by the artist which was initiated by the Overbeck-Gesellschaft – Kunstverein Lübeck.


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