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Parallel Realities: Virtual van de Velde


An innovative app is now available to visitors to the Henry van de Velde Museum in Villa Esche. With it, the museum can be explored in a new way: History and personal stories of the place can be experienced through augmented reality and interactive games. The architect Henry van de Velde and the Esche family guide visitors through the villa as avatars. Exciting games and quizzes await at 16 stations.

The project was supported by young people in the development process. The app is aimed at children and young people as well as all those who are young at heart. The app can be played alone, as a team or as a school class. Teachers also receive accompanying materials for their lessons. The project was funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation as part of the dive in program.

Rental devices are available on site for use of the app. It can also be downloaded to your own smartphone (Android 9 and iOS 11). Simply come to Villa Esche, scan the QR code, download and start playing. Have fun!

Go to Google Playstore (Android)

Go to App Store (IOS)



Go on a journey with the former residents and the architect of the Villa Esche!

Henry van de Velde, Johanna (Hanni) Esche, Herbert Esche, Erdmute and Hans-Herbert Esche


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