Karl Schmidt-Rottluff-Ensemble

Stadt Chemnitz, Visualisierung des sanierten Landhauses Schmidt-Rottluff, 2022

For the Capital of Culture Year 2025, the city of Chemnitz is renovating Karl Schmidt-Rottluff’s childhood home. A museum dedicated to the artist is being created there under the auspices and responsibility of the Chemnitz Art Collections, which aims to tell about the life and work of the Expressionist, his connection to Chemnitz and Rottluff, and about the early years of the Brücke artists with works of art, archival materials, documents and media formats. The museum will also house the Peters Collection of arts and crafts objects acquired by the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung together with the Sparkasse Chemnitz for the Chemnitz Art Collections. School classes will learn more about the city’s most important artist in the garden and house and be encouraged to engage in art and creative processes themselves. Together with the mill and possibly the house opposite as an artist’s residence, the ensemble is to function as a social place for the neighbourhood, where quality of stay, leisure and enjoyment are to find their place alongside art and education.