Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz
2. Jul 2023 – 1. Oct 2023

My Last Will

Angela Bellas, Coffin shaped swimming pool of Riviera Hotel Havana Cuba, 2005

My Last Will

In the exhibition and artist’s book entitled »Mein letzter Wille« (My last will), around 30 international contemporary artists respond to the question, »What remains?« Each of them engages with their legacy and, by means of a central statement or a paradigmatic work, tries to locate the essence of what constitutes their main artistic objective and interest. In doing so they question their presumed importance for a future which they themselves will not experience and whose values are still completely unknown to them. The question of »What remains?« has taken on a particular relevance against the backdrop of the pandemic and a war in Europe, along with the accompanying change in perspective and values. The realm of culture cannot refrain from questioning itself and confronting its marginalisation in the face of these current upheavals.

The analysis undertaken by the artists is structured as a free and open-ended experiment. In the framework of the exhibition, commissions will be given for five works. The project is curated by the artists’ group M+M and organised in collaboration with the Casino in Luxembourg.

Artists (tbc): Loukia Alavanou, Lara Almarcegui, Ivan Argote, Carlos Amorales, John Bock, Chicks on Speed, Clément Cogitore, Keren Cytter, Marcel Dzama, Hanakam & Schuller, Mire Lee, Erik van Lieshout, Renzo Martens, Masbedo, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Cesare Pietroiusti, Agnieszka Polska, Elizabeth Price, L.A. Raeven, Sarah Schönfeld + Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, Su Hui-Yu, Simon Wachsmuth, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Tobias Zielony, Thomas Zipp and others.

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Marcel Dzama, Last Will, 2023 © Marcel Dzama 2023
Marcel Dzama
Last Will, 2023
Agnieszka Polska, My last Will, 2023 © Agnieszka Polska 2023
Agnieszka Polska
My last Will, 2023
Keren Cytter, psycho the rapist, 2023, Foto: Keren Cytter 2023
Keren Cytter
psycho the rapist, 2023
Su Hui-Yu, The Space Warriors and the Digigrave, 2023 © Su Hui-Yu 2023
Su Hui-Yu
The Space Warriors and the Digigrave, 2023
Angela Bellas, Coffin shaped swimming pool of Riviera Hotel Havana Cuba, 2005
Angela Bellas
Coffin shaped swimming pool of Riviera Hotel Havana Cuba, 2005

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