5. Dec 2021 – 20. Feb 2022

Chemnitz celebrates

Chemnitz celebrates
Photographs by Vladimir Shvemmer

Be it in the form of public holidays, religious festivals, or private parties: Celebrating is an integral part of our lives This is essentially a matter of renewing the bond between the individual and the community by celebrating customary rituals. Sometimes, however, celebrations can seem menacing, particularly to those who are not part of them. By means of artistic photography, this exhibition aims to take a critical look at celebration as a theme, using Chemnitz as an example: How and what do the people living in Chemnitz actually celebrate?

In 1979 Vladimir Shvemmer, obtained a doctorate on the theory of teaching photography. He has held positions as a university lecturer and was appointed dean and vice-rector at the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University. Vladimir Schvemmer has lived in Germany since 2004, and in Chemnitz for three years.