Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz
15. Aug 2021 – 31. Oct 2021

Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas, Europleasure International LTD.: Touch and Go, 2010 © Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas
Immobile Engine

The Spanish artist Cristina Lucas works with numerous media and genres. Central concerns of her artwork are the confrontation between political and subjective historiography as well as the reconstruction of cultural and gender-specific clichés. At the heart of the extensive solo exhibition in Chemnitz is the multi-channel video installation Unending Lightning, through which Lucas has been painstakingly investigating the history of aerial warfare since 2013. In collaboration with various research groups, a continuously evolving database has been created, complemented by impressive image archives and film documents.

Also on display are works by the artist dedicated to a new view of value chains and the capitalisation of time and landscape. Lucas has also developed a collection of critical cartographic models, enabling her to examine newly observed connections in an algorithmic, philosophical, poetic and even humorous manner.