10. Apr 2022 – 26. Jun 2022

Of gods, men and heroic sagas

Manfred Pietsch, Golgatha, 2011, Privatbesitz

Of gods, men and heroic sagas
Sculptures by Joachim Karsch in dialogue with painting by Manfred Pietsch

The themes »Gods« and »Heroic Sages« have stimulated peoples’ imaginations from time immemorial. Artists have repeatedly sought to engage with and continue these themes by means of new interpretations.
Those artists include Joachim Karsch and Manfred Pietsch. Karsch’s sculptures are oriented around the artistic ideas of Expressionism. It is of great importance to him to reflect on human sensitivities. The younger artist, Manfred Pietsch, felt especially drawn to mythological and biblical themes and has processed these in an extensive oeuvre consisting of painting and prints. The exhibition consists of almost 60 works and is connected with the medieval sculptures on permanent exhibition at the Schloßbergmuseum.


Manfred Pietsch, Golgatha, 2011, Privatbesitz
Manfred Pietsch
Golgatha, 2011


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